Surbiton wants to GO 20mph!


Surbiton Liberal Democrats, have been campaigning for 20mph in the town centre and residential roads since 2014. Finally, we have a consultation by Kingston Council.

“It’s been a long, hard struggle to get to this stage, as Conservative Councillors have blocked us every step of the way.” says Councillor Malcolm Self.

“Now we need to get enough responses to convince local Conservatives that 20mph speed limits are wanted by local residents, so please complete the consultation at".

You can read details of our campaign to get 20mph here.

Why Go 20mph?

Put simply, experience from other UK towns and cities show that reducing speed limits to 20mph:

  • Reduce accidents and causalities
  • Create a better environment
  • Encourage more walking and cycling

“Some people think it’s an anti-car idea, but the truth is it doesn’t slow down car journeys, or damage the environment. It just makes our streets better for everyone – especially children and older people,” says Councillor Diane White.

“When they introduced 20mph across residential roads in Portsmouth, they saw an 18% drop in accidents in those roads – that’s an improvement worth having a few extra signs,” added Councillor Sushila Abraham.

To see the facts behind many misconceptions see our 20mph myth buster.

What is the current consultation?

Kingston Council’s consultation on introducing 20mph speed limits across all Surbiton town centre and residential roads is live from 5th September to 3rd October 2016.
“We need to convince local Conservatives, who control the Council, that residents back 20mph in their roads, so it’s vital that you complete the simple consultation – there’s only one question and it takes only a minute”, says Councillor Hilary Gander.
Want to know more about the consultation – click here.

If you agree and want 20mph in Surbiton:

  • Complete the Kingston Council consultation at

  • Spread the word – on facebook and twitter, with friends and neighbours, school gates and work places.

  • Sign up to help us campaign for a safer, a more sensible 20mph in Surbiton.

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