Chessington Green Belt remains under threat


Liberal Democrats are deeply concerned that our green belt and Metropolitan Open Land remains under threat of development.

Recently, Kingston’s Conservative-led Council commissioned consultants to undertake a Green Belt and Metropolitan Open Land Assessment to see if it meets “its defined purposes and criteria.” Liberal Democrats are anxious that this could become an attempt to re-designate some of our green belt for development. 

Local campaigner Andreas Kirsch said, “I’m very concerned - you only have to look at other boroughs around Kingston to see what disastrous plans are in place for green belt land.”

On learning this Focus Team Member, Sharon Young, stated “In neighbouring Tory-run Surrey we are seeing proposals to build over 40,000 houses. Our local Liberal Democrats will be fighting hard to protect our precious Green Belt.”

The evidence

September 2017 - London Green Belt Council report

2016 - Elmbridge Council wants to build on part of our Green Belt along the A3

2016 - The Campaign to Protect Rural England identified Chessington as an area where there is a threat of up to 20,000 homes being built on Green Belt

2015 - Chessington Golf Club was sold to a developer who wants to build 700 houses and then build a swimming pool and a football stadium

2014 - London First’s Crossrail2 report from business pressure groups calls for large scale development in our Green Belt. Chessington is recommended as an area that, with improved transport connections, could support the creation of very significant new large communities. (Page 30 refers)

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