New Malden swimming pool

malden-centre.pngKingston Council’s ruling Conservatives are refusing to guarantee a swimming pool in proposals for a redeveloped Cocks Crescent.

In July Kingston Council issued the first draft of the Cocks Crescent ‘Supplementary Planning Document’. This includes not just Cocks Crescent and the Malden Centre but also Blagdon Road open space and Hopkirk House and the Noble Centre.

The document outlines Kingston Council’s requirements and expectations for any redevelopment and guides developers in drawing up their detailed plans.

The document seeks a mainly residential development with offices and shops and ‘some’ community facilities. But, shockingly, it fails to guarantee a leisure centre and swimming pool.

Local residents have opposed these plans - most recently at a packed public meeting that Conservative Councillors refused to attend.

Local Liberal Democrats have launched a petition to demand that the ruling Conservatives guarantee a publicly owned swimming pool in any redevelopment.



I/we demand Kingston Council guarantee any redevelopment of Cocks Crescent includes a publicly owned leisure centre and swimming pool.

700 signatures

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