Councillor Priyen Patel recall

key_conservative-coucillor-Priyen-Patel-new-malden-councillor-recall-attendance-guildhall-kingston.jpgConservative councillor “falls below a standard that voters have a right to expect” according to Kingston Council Conservative Leader.

When he introduced Kingston Council’s Councillor Recall system in May 2015, Council Leader, Kevin Davis said:

“Most local councillors work incredibly hard on behalf of their constituents, but occasionally the behaviour of local councillors falls below a standard that voters have a right to expect.

Under these new recall proposals, voters in Kingston would be able to do something about it; to kick them out of office and have a fresh election.”

St James Ward councillor, Priyen Patel, has failed to attend at least two Neighbourhood Committee meetings during this municipal year, so now falls into the Councillor Recall system.  The Councillor Recall system requires a third of voters in the ward to sign a petition to remove the Councillor. 

Lib Dem Leader, Councillor Liz Green said:

“We now expect the Conservative Leader to take action as he was very clear in his speech that our residents deserve Councillors who will undertake the role to which they have been elected.  Now one of his own Group falls below this standard, he surely has to ask for Cllr Patel’s resignation?”

“Personally, I think the Conservatives should do the right thing and Cllr Patel should resign otherwise it just makes a mockery of the Recall system that Councillor Kevin Davis introduced.”   

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