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Lib Dem Kingston has best Council tax collection rates in London

Kingston is again anticipated to have the best council tax collection rates in London in the coming year. It is the only Borough in London predicted to collect a full 99% of council tax owed.

This is great news for local residents as it means the burden of council tax is spread more fairly.

The high collection rate is also partly due to the Liberal Democrats’ decision to protect the most vulnerable groups in Kingston from cuts to their council tax support.

Many Labour and Conservative Boroughs are now charging council tax to vulnerable groups for the first time, some of whom are struggling to pay it. But Lib Dems in Kingston have chosen to protect those groups.

Cllr Rolson Davies, Lib Dem Finance Lead Member said:

“Kingston is leading the way in ensuring value for money for our residents by making sure the burden of council tax is spread as fairly as possible across those who should pay it.

“This means we can afford to freeze council tax this year and continue to protect the most vulnerable groups in Kingston.”

“Unfortunately elsewhere in London, Labour and the Conservatives are shifting council tax onto groups that can’t afford to pay it and suffering the consequences.”

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