London Labour Mayor fails to reject 14 storey towers


The Labour London Mayor has just reviewed the proposed 14-storey development of Canbury Business Park.

The Mayoral review echoes many concerns that Kingston Lib Dems already raised* - including the lack of affordable housing.

Of serious concern, however, is the Labour Mayor’s decision NOT to reject 14 stories as too tall for the Canbury site. We remain deeply concerned that this may still happen in an area of low rise homes. 

It's now up to Conservative-run Kingston Council to refuse the application. Your local Lib Dem Focus team have set up a petition to put pressure on the Tory administration to refuse the application. 

Local Lib Dem campaigner Zain Abbas said,

"Speaking with local residents, it is clear there is real concern about the height of the development planned at Canbury Business Park. So it is extremely disappointing that Labour's London Mayor has failed to reject it."

"However, the fight does not end here. It is now in the Tories hand to whether the application is accepted or not and that is why we have set up a petition to put pressure on them to reject the submission in its current state."

(*To read our full response submitted December 2017, click here)

Add your name to our petition now:

We oppose planning application 17/12877 for Canbury Business Park.

We call upon the Conservative-run Kingston Council to refuse the planning application.

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