Lorraine Rolfe

Tolworth & Hook Rise Ward

South of the Borough Neighbourhood




Email: Lorraine.Rolfe@kingston.gov.uk
Phone:  07931 733470
Address: Liberal Democrat Group Office
  Kingston Upon Thames
  KT1 1EU



Vice Chair of South of the Borough Neighbourhood

Election statement 2014

I have lived in Chessington now for nearly 20 years with my partner and our 7 year old daughter.

To be honest, for the first 13 years I didn’t really know anyone in my neighbourhood except my immediate neighbours as I commuted to my job as an administrator in financial services, leaving at 7am and returning at 6pm. However, that all changed when we had our daughter and I ended up roaming the streets trying to get
her off to sleep in her buggy and I realised what a great place we lived in and how many people stopped to chat and what a nice feeling it was to feel part of a community.

I initially got involved locally when our area was threatened with the ‘waste site facility’ and attended a meeting to find out what it entailed. I was appalled that our area might be selected to have this site and realised that by setting up a Residents Association we would be heard louder. We fought and we won.

Since setting up the RA, I have been in regular contact with the Council with issues the residents have raised. We have fought and won other planning developments that would have had an impact on the local area and we have raised funds for local projects. I have also been in contact with other RA’s so we can all work together.

I have also been part of the THR Safer Neighbourhood Police panel, letting them know of the worries and concerns we all have and helping to set their priorities each quarter.

So when I was approached by the THR Liberal Democrat Focus Team last year to see if I would like to get involved I grabbed the opportunity. Since joining the team earlier this year I have been out talking to residents on the doorstep, finding out what issues they have, be it broken recycling bins, street lights not
working or overgrown neighbours gardens, to the bigger issues with highway problems or finding out what services are available for young people. I’m now really enjoying listening and helping.

I have also attended several THR Safer Neighbourhood Police street briefings, again, listening to residents concerns and listening to the Police and how their roles are changing. I have been to the South of the Borough meetings where residents can direct their concerns to local councillors and I’ve listened to how they are addressed and learnt about the way the Council works.

I have always supported the Liberal Democrats in our area as I believe they have worked the hardest for us and listen to what we, the residents, have to say.

As my daughter grows up I would like her to live in a nice, safe environment and I believe we have that in Hook, Chessington, Surbiton and Tolworth and I will continue to ensure it stays that way.