Senior Tory admits mistake: “I should have set a maximum height for new Kingston developments”

Last night, experienced Conservative Councillor, David Cunningham, Kingston’s Portfolio Holder for Regeneration, admitted his mistake in not putting into policy a maximum height allowed for new planning developments in Kingston Town.  The mistake directed new developers that they could build at 9+ storeys and this left parts of Kingston Town open to, what many residents have argued is, excessive high rise development.

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Lib Dems fight for stronger rights for London's renters

Tom Brake MP will join Generation Rent and Liberal Democrat Peer Olly Grender to protest for stronger rights for renters.tom_and_olly.jpg

The protest will be taking place on Thursday 13th October outside College Green followed by the presentation of the petition at the Department for Communities and Local Government.  It will also be attended by Shelter and The Debrief, who will be presenting their Make Renting Fair petition with over 270,000 signatures to Housing Minister Gavin Barwell. The purpose of the protest is to highlight the difficulty that many renters face with unfair charges, rent and agency fees.


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Tackling air pollution needs stronger action on diesel

Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member, commenting on the publication of the consultation results on proposals to improve air quality in London, said:

“The Mayor must now listen to the very strong message that Londoners have sent over the urgent need to tackle air pollution in London.

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PAY TO STAY RENT PROGRAMME – The Tory policy that encourages people to work less hard or lose their home

The Conservative led Council consultation on increasing Home care charges to vulnerable residents will be coming to an end on 9September.   The results are due to be discussed at a meeting of the Adults and Children’s Committee held at Guildhall on 29 September at 7.30 pm.

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Surbiton wants to GO 20mph!


Surbiton Liberal Democrats, have been campaigning for 20mph in the town centre and residential roads since 2014. 

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Caroline Pidgeon welcomes adoption of One Hour Bus Ticket


Commenting on the introduction of a one hour "Hopper" bus ticket starting from Monday 12th September, Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly Member said:

"I have been campaigning for a One Hour Bus Ticket for the best part of a decade in London so very much welcome its final introduction from next week. Imitation sometimes is the greatest form of flattery.

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The Conservative led Council consultation on increasing Home care charges to vulnerable residents will be coming to an end on 9September.   The results are due to be discussed at a meeting of the Adults and Children’s Committee held at Guildhall on 29 September at 7.30 pm.

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£223m in cash left on Oyster cards

As the cash balance on dormant Oyster cards hit £223m, Caroline Pidgeon has called for TfL to do more to return it to passengers:

"It obviously suits TfL’s cash flow situation to be sitting on a huge mountain of unclaimed money from dormant Oyster cards but we should never forget that people are always entitled to claim back their own money.

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Caroline Pidgeon Responds to Mayor's Consultation on Air Quality Proposals


Caroline Pidgeon has responded to the Mayor of London's consultation on proposals to improve air quality in London.

While welcoming some of the Mayor’s proposals her submission urges the Mayor to move more quickly in introducing a new Emissions Surcharge (the so-called T-charge).   Her submission also stresses the need for far higher emissions standards than those currently proposed for the T-charge.  Other recommendations made by Caroline include urging TfL to directly procure a fleet of zero emission capable taxis and then leasing or selling them to taxis and drivers.

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Go Cycle Summer 2016 Consultations


Cllr Hilary Gander's thoughts on Kingston Council's summertime Go Cycle consultations.

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Post-Brexit racism: Kingston Council Leader's statement doesn't go far enough


Cllr Liz Green welcomes Kingston Council Leader statement on hate crimes, but feels it doesn't go far enough.

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“London has paid and will continue to pay an incredible price for Boris Johnson’s obsession with the new Routemaster bus”– Caroline Pidgeon



Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrat London Assembly transport spokesperson, commenting on the announcement today that conductors will be removed from the six routes (9, 10, 11, 24, 38 and 390) that currently operate on new Routemaster buses, starting from this September said:

“The whole point of the new Routemaster buses was that you could jump on and off them.  This was their raison d'être.

“The reality is that the new Routemaster buses were horrendously expensive to purchase and have been plagued with faults, including overheating in the Summer months and serious problems with their batteries.

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Sun, sea, sand and .... consultations?


With Kingston Conservatives, public consultations are like buses – you wait ages to be asked your opinion, then twelve fourteen come along at once, just as many residents are about to go on holiday!

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Brexit aftermath: Council cross-party approach needed

Councillors from all political parties should be involved in addressing the challenges to local government of the UK leaving the European Union.

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Community - what it means to Liberal Democrats


The best kind of politics is done by real people in the streets up and down the country, in living rooms, in community centres; where people live their everyday lives.

You don’t just turn up every four years asking for a vote. Liberal Democrats immerse ourselves in the community we’re part of. Our job is to make a difference. That’s why we’re involved in politics in the first place.

In our latest video we asked Liberal Democrat campaigners about why their community matters to them.

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