Park charging Labour Minister did not listen to local voices

We are disappointed at the news that the Labour Minister of Culture and Tourism has approved the introduction of car parking charges in Richmond and Bushy parks, despite strong opposition from residents and local Liberal Democrats.

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Executive overcomes “unfounded negativity and suspicion” to bring community sports centre to Cambridge Road Estate


 A bid to create a new community sports and social centre on Norbiton's Cambridge Road Estate was approved last week by the Council's Executive members, who received vocal support from neighbourhood residents’ associations and ward councillors.

Members of a local business ‘24/7 Security’ offered a £300,000+ investment for the opportunity to oversee the refurbishment of an unused former underground car park into a specialist sports centre with boxing, martial arts and weight training facilities as well as space for Bingo games and community events.

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Accolade for Lib Dem run Kingston Council's Adult Social Care Services

Kingston's Liberal Democrat-run Council has been awarded the second highest possible grade in the Quality Care Commission's annual performance assessment of Adult Social Care Services.

Our success in a local pilot of personalising budgets in Social Care services was also noted. Conservative opposition member Cllr Paul Johnson admitted "credit where credit's due".

Liberal Democrat Cllr Davies commented: "This Council is committed to providing locally-run care services which are of value for money for ratepayers, but also offer residents who are elderly, disabled and vulnerable the highest possible levels of independence, personal control and dignity.”

Executive praises ‘independent living’ centre

The Executive of Kingston Council this week welcomed the opening of The Noble Centre in Blagdon Road New Malden, a community centre dedicated to Promoting Independent People Services (PIPS) for the Borough's elderly and disabled residents.

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New council homes for Kingston

At this week's meeting of the Executive, Lead Member for Housing Cllr Penny Shelton welcomed the news that the Royal Borough has been awarded with an impressive £800,000 grant towards the cost of new-build social housing.

In the 'information items' segment of the meeting, Cllr Shelton announced that a bid by the Council for new affordable homes in the Old Malden area had been approved by the Department of Communities and Local Government.

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Tony Arbour praise of Conservative Mayor rejected

Kingston Liberal Democrats reject claims from Conservative MLA Tony Arbour that the Tory Mayor of London Boris Johnson is “on the side of council payers… especially those on low or fixed incomes”.

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Top class! Kingston best in the country for GCSE results

Kingston has topped the league tables for its GCSE results last summer! 68.2% of pupils in Borough schools gained 5 or more A*-C GCSEs including Maths and Engalish. The national average was 50.7%.

You can read the general guide to results, and check the performance of any school, on the BBC website.

Congratulations to all the students, teachers and parents who worked hard to make this happen.

Government failure leads to 3,000 missing out on cold weather help

Figures released by the Liberal Democrat party reveal that 3,425 vulnerable pensioners living in Kingston and Richmond could be missing out on government benefits designed to help elderly people in bouts of freezing weather.

Cllr Rolson Davies, who is Kingston Council’s Executive Member for Health and Adult Community Services said: “Experiencing seven consecutive days of temperature below zero degrees will have been a difficult and worrying time for local pensioners on extremely low incomes.

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Kingston officially the SAFEST borough in London.

Second Year in A Row

For the second year in a row, the Royal Borough of Kingston has been shown to have the lowest incidence of crime in the whole of London. According to the Metropolitan Police Service’s official statistics, crime in the borough also fell a dramatic 3.2% on the previous year’s levels.

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Steps taken boost to local retail sector outlined

Liberal Democrat-run Kingston Council has outlined the serious programme of action it has taken to help local businesses, especially in the retail sector, during the continued recessionary climate.

Last month, Kingston’s Lead Member for Economic Development, Cllr Simon James, presented a report to the Council’s Executive on the borough’s dedicated programme of ‘response to the recession’: a series of local initiatives targeted at keeping our high streets vibrant and local people in employment.

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Government snub to Kingston’s retail sector

Kingston’s Executive Member for Economic Development has written to the Communities Secretary querying the methodology of the recent staunch of ‘Real Help Now’ funding to selected local authorities and has accused the Government of “snub[bing] the businesses and workers” of the borough’s retail sector.

Commenting on the letter, Liberal Democrat Cllr Simon James said: “Despite the strong actions of the Council to support local businesses on our high streets and town centre, the Labour Government has persistently failed to show similar assistance to Kingston’s local economy which is heavily reliant on the retail sector.”

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Kingston Lib Dem’s innovative business rate suggestion shortlisted for Government consideration

One of Liberal Democrat-run Kingston Council's proposals under the Sustainable Communities Act has been shortlisted for consideration by the Communities Secretary.

Kingston’s call for the local retention of business rates, which would have huge implications for Councils across the country, was approved by the Local Government Association and will be delivered to Secretary of State for further review.

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New Year sees “double whammy of insult” to Kingston commuters from Tory Mayor

Kingston’s Executive Member for Transport Cllr Bob Steed, has publicly criticised the London Mayor’s “insulting” decision to withdraw free travel on New Year’s Eve for parts of the capital without Tube services, on top of the increased cost of TfL fares to local residents in 2010.

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Deputy Leader welcomes local employment initiative

Earlier this month, the Deputy Leader of Kingston Council attended the graduate2business event at Kingston University: a locally run project which helps unemployed graduates find employment and supports businesses in recruiting skilled interns.

Liberal Democrat Cllr Liz Green took up the opportunity to speak with local business leaders and students, asking them how the economic downturn is affecting them. She also discussed the graduate2business project with its organisers, finding out how this locally run initiative is helping residents of the borough.

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New pet shop measures to stop ‘puppy farming’ disgrace

sad-puppy-kingston-lib-dems-dogs-puppy-puppies.jpgAn innovative practice has been launched by the local authority to discourage the sale of puppy farmed dogs in the borough. The Council will now apply additional conditions onto all new and renewed licences of local pet shops.

These new measures are a direct result of the political leadership of Liberal Democrats at Kingston Council.

We have persistently campaigned against the disgraceful practice of pet shops selling on puppy farmed dogs to unwitting customers. Not only are there serious animal welfare issues involved, but as these dogs are believed to develop genetic deformities and acquired diseases, we consider the selling of battery farmed dogs as healthy pets to be a crystal clear case of consumer deception.

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