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In 2014, Surbiton Liberal Democrats started the campaign for a 20mph limit on residential and town centre streets in Surbiton.

A public consultation was held and the town centre 20mph zone was supported by local residents, local schools and cycling groups. Despite this, Kingston Conservatives later used constitutional powers to stop the original plans.

Kingston Conservatives later introduced smaller 20mph areas that managed to omit the very streets where most accidents take place - as well as costing more than the original scheme proposed. Both ineffective and wasteful.

The public consultation is now live, running from Monday 5th September to midnight on Monday 3rd October. All residents in the consultation area should have received a letter from Kingston Council asking:

‘Do you support the introduction of a 20 mph limit in all residential and town centre roads across Surbiton Neighbourhood?’

The consultation is a simple one question format and it should take no more than a minute to support a safer, more sensible Surbiton 20mph.

The consultation link is now live. Reply now!


Surbiton Town Centre injuries map 2007 - 2015*surbiton_20mph_injuries_map.png


Undeterred, your local Lib Dems councillors have kept up the fight and we have now won a new Surbiton wide consultation. A 20mph limit is proposed for the Surbiton roads shaded orange (residential) and green (town centre). Roads shaded blue are already 20mph. Speed limits will not change on main roads shaded white.

Proposed and Existing 20mph streets



You can download a higher resolution map here.

Liberal Democrat Chair of Surbiton Neighbourhood committee, Councillor Malcolm Self, says:

“I am a strong supporter of 20mph limits in residential roads.

  • Lower speed limits have proved to reduce serious and fatal crashes;
  • They also create a better environment,
  • Improve air quality, and
  • Encourage more walking and cycling.

To see the facts rather than the fiction behind lower speed limits I’d encourage everyone to view the briefings at

This will be the first neighbourhood wide 20mph consultation in Kingston and it is Liberal Democrat Surbiton that is leading the way.”

Thanks to all those that made a pre-consultation pledge to support a safer, more sensible Surbiton 20mph.

Your support is much appreciated. In the coming weeks, we'll be extending our campaign to ensure there's a strong resident response to the consultation. We'll be in touch.

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