Tory school plans “in chaos”

Millions wasted on inappropriate sites for schools


Cramped office block site to be used for new school

A cramped office block close to Kingston town centre is to be used as the site for a school after planning permission was granted.

The office site, which even the former Tory MP described as a “lemon of a school site”, was pushed through by Tory councillors despite concerns from those inside their own party, Liberal Democrat councillors and residents.

The new school will have a playground of only 389 square metres, less than 1 square metre per pupil. For context, guidelines* state that free range hens should be given four times more space!

New school plans “chaos”

“The Conservatives’ plans for new primary schools in Kingston are in chaos” says local campaigner, Dave Ryder-Mills.

“We desperately need new primary schools but these plans are now seriously delayed and overbudget.

The latest plan to use a cramped site for a new school right next to a busy road defies common sense.”

Local Liberal Democrat Councillor Diane White added

“As the current plans stand, this is a completely inappropriate site for a new school. Ensuring adequate space for children to have outdoor physical activity is the least the council could do.

When Lib Dems controlled the council we ensured that the schools were built to the highest quality for its students.”


On time and on budget

When Kingston was last run by the Liberal Democrats, 2750 new school places were created, on time and on budget. Schools built and expanded included 

  • Fern Hill
  • Lime Tree (pictured)
  • Grand Avenue
  • Chessington Community College
  • Ellingham

The Liberal Democrats record of action on new schools contrasts sharply with the Conservatives' chaotic failure here in Kingston.

* Free range hen minimum space guidlines, Compassion in World Farming.

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