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[From left] Councillors Malcolm Self, Hilary Gander and John Ayles inspecting the junction

The resurfacing work carried out at Mandeville Drive on 31st March has been left in an unsatisfactory state, with the new surface ending well short of the end of Mandeville Drive and the junction with Oaks Way and Saffron Way.

The junction itself is in a very poor condition and needs resurfacing.

In addition, repeated requests for the footways, also in a very poor state, to be resurfaced, have been ignored.

Campaign to save 22 Gloucester Road for emergency housing

Pictured outside 22 Gloucester Road, a large detached property owned by the Council, Councillor Bamford, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Housing said “Keeping this house for our own homeless is a no brainer!"

Full and frank consultation needed before Tories force our primary schools to become academies


In his recent Budget, George Osborne set out plans to convert every primary and secondary school in the country into academies by 2020.

Nationally the scale of the challenge is huge as 16,000 primary schools need to become Academies in the next five years. Over the last five years the Government has found it difficult to secure enough quality sponsors to take on just 5,000 Academies.

Level crossing at Elm Road, New Malden

Crossrail 2 has received the go ahead from Central Government and will increase the frequency of trains from New Malden. But there are sticking points yet to be resolved in New Malden.

The most local is what to do about the current level crossing on Elm Road.

Tell us your views on building on the Green Belt

Residents in Chessington may have received a leaflet concerning the potential development of the former Chessington Golf Centre in Garrison Lane. You can also see the plans on

"We only only had sight of the outline plans on 11th March, and we really would like to know what you think,” says local resident and Councillor Rachel Reid.

Estate Regeneration on the Council agenda – Lib Dems challenge reduced membership of Housing Sub Committee


Liberal Democrats have raised concerns about the membership of the new Housing Sub Committee. The terms of reference being put forward by the Conservative Administration will see not only a reduction in Liberal Democrat Opposition places (from two Members to only one) but Resident Associations would lose their votes all together.

Air Quality Action Plan – Liberal Democrats fight for clean air


Since 2003, the Council has had to develop an Air Quality Action Plan (AQAP) setting out the measures it intends to put in place in pursuit of National Air Quality Objectives. In several locations in the borough primarily close to busy roads, the Council is exceeding safe limits set in the National Air Quality Objectives for both Nitrogen Dioxide and particulate matter.

Councillor Hilary Gander, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for the Environment said,

“Unfortunately in some places our air quality is not good enough and this poses a potentially harmful risk to the health of Borough residents.”

Broadoaks Community Clean-up 2016


Members of the local community and Local Councillors, Tom Davies, Thay Thayalan and Lorraine Rolfe all got stuck into the annual clean up on the Broadoaks access road, Tolworth this Sunday.

Over 50 bags of waste, 3 truck loads of large fly-tipped items and an entire skip was filled by the community volunteers on a chilly Sunday morning. Residents both young and old got stuck in and the area is looking drastically better for the local residents who live there.

Get updates on the massive £4 million on 'Kingston Futures'

Kingston Conservatives have been branded arrogant and out of touch for their 'ambitious growth' agenda. Kingston Futures is their Council planning quango to deliver this overdevelopment.

Now Kingston Conservatives have refused to allow public scrutiny of the £4 million Kingston Futures budget.

Residents have a right to know how this massive amount of THEIR money is being spent. We are determined that we will find out and publicly question how the £4 million is value for money.

If you want to be updated on this, please provide your details below.

£4 million budget spend for Kingston Futures – Tories refuse any public scrutiny


At Budget Council, the Conservative Leader of the Council, Councillor Kevin Davis, took particular exception to a request from the Liberal Democrat Opposition to be allowed to hold a special public Scrutiny Panel to look at the currently £4 million budget spend for Kingston Futures.

During the Budget Council debate, Councillor John Ayles, Liberal Democrat Finance Spokesperson said “he was amazed to find out recently that the budget spend was now in the region of £4 million and questioned how the Council could be spending that sort of money. He thought there needed to be some proper public scrutiny.”

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