Cllr Alan Dean
Chessington North and Hook Ward
South of the Borough Neighbourhood
Contact details

020 8397 9522


12 Frimley Road

Deputy Mayor
Vice Chair of South of the Borough Neighbourhood
Election statement 2010

I have been selected to stand as a Liberal Democrat councillor and I feel very privileged to be given the opportunity to serve our community in this way. I’ve been a Liberal Democrat voter for many years, and I have felt that their policies and ethos are closest to my own. Recently I have become involved with delivering literature and talking to our residents on their doorsteps about the local and national issued involved. For many years now I have tried to serve my community, mostly through the connection with our local church. I served as an elected church warden for five years and have been elected onto the church council for much longer. May I make it clear though that I think that we are very fortunate in this country that we live in a tolerant, multicultural society.

The majority of my work life has been spent in financial services, the last 27 years working for the same building society. In this role I saw the main priority as trying to help people, whether it be with mortgages to buy their homes or with other financial facilities. In October 2009 after weighing up the options carefully I decided to take the retirement option, so now I have much more spare time which I hope to devote to serving as a councillor in our local ward.

We have lived in Hook, in the ward, since 1988 and I have raised my family here. My wife is a special needs worker at a local school. I have a son who is just starting his first proper job and a daughter who should be at university in September. We are very pleased that we have been fortunate enough to have them grow up here. One of the things I care about passionately is that we should provide an environment in which today’s young people can live and provide a worthwhile future for themselves and their own families. I also have a deep commitment to the elderly and more vulnerable members of our community.