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Tories kick review on Eden Quarter development brief into long grass


The Lib Dem motion on the Eden Quarter Development Brief was discussed at Full Council this week. A deputation was also heard from the non political group, Kingston Residents Association, who were in support of the Lib Dem motion and also raised their own concerns.

The Lib Dem motion called for three things:

Liberal Democrats continue their struggle to get Tories to review Eden Quarter Development Brief


Critical of Conservative policy that resulted in the Eden Quarter Development Brief, Liberal Democrats will be asking the Full Council, on 15 December, to review the controversial Brief.

Proposer of the motion, Liberal Democrat Leader, Councillor Liz Green said,

Lib Dems speculate why the Chief Executive has been pushed out


Following the news of the Tory deal that has seen the popular Chief Executive, Bruce McDonald depart RBK, the Lib Dem Leader speculates on possible reasons why he has had to go.

Councillor Liz Green said,

“There are now some difficult questions for the Leader of the Council to reveal and that is how much has the deal he initiated cost the residents?

Lib Dems sad to see Chief Executive pushed out


Today in a Council press release, the Borough found out that the long serving Chief Executive, Bruce McDonald, has left the Council’s employment. Speaking about Bruce McDonald’s time on the Council, Liberal Democrat Group Leader, Councillor Liz Green said,

“I was taken aback by the news as it was totally unexpected! I am disappointed to learn Bruce McDonald has gone, he had huge respect across the Borough and certainly didn’t deserve to leave this Council through a back room deal, forced through by Conservative Leader of the Council, Councillor Kevin Davis.

Our Green Belt is under a renewed and growing level of threat


Liberal Democrats believe our Green Belt land in Chessington remains under continuous threat from development.

In March 2014, Liberal Democrats launched a campaign to let residents know about two reports from the business pressure group, London First, calling for the Conservative Mayor Boris to build large scale development in our Green Belt. A later Green Belt report from London First pushes for London’s boroughs to be encouraged to review their Green Belt. There have been several other equally worrying reports too. The Adam Smith Institute want to free up some of London’s Green Belt to build one million new homes and Aecom want to see everything within a one hour commute become part of London.

Keep our non-stop trains to Waterloo - sign the petition

Crossrail 2 could potentially improve rail transport from South West London into Central London. Major decisions will be taken in the next few years, although it will not open until 2032 at the earliest.

Crossrail 2 will undoubtedly reduce the travel time for some Surbiton commuters, especially those heading north after arriving at Waterloo.

When questioned by Surbiton's Lib Dem councillors, Network Rail refused to guarantee that Surbiton's current fast, non-stopping trains to Waterloo will continue. This would increase journey times for many.

There is no reason why Surbiton cannot have BOTH: new Crossrail 2 routes and keep the fast service to Waterloo.

If you value the fast non-stopping service from Surbiton to Waterloo please sign our petition below and respond to the consultation.

Sign the petition

I call on the Government and Mayor of London to guarantee that Surbiton to Waterloo non-stopping services will continue under Crossrail 2.

Threat to Chessington Green Belt - sign the petition

Update, November 2015

Over 1000 people signed the petition below when we launched it last year. At the time Conservatives denounced our campaign as ‘scaremongering’ despite the written evidence and recent events confirm we were right all along to warn local people.

Chessington Golf Course in Garrison Lane is closing soon, and rumours have spread across the Neighbourhood about proposed redevelopment on the site. No-one has submitted a formal planning application to the Council – yet – but we do know that a developer has come forward with a proposal for housing which could also incorporate a swimming pool and a football pitch.

Ed Davey: The Tories are trying to kill off our renewable energy boom

Ed Davey.jpg

This article was first published in The Guardian.

In the past three months, for the first time in our history, Britain produced more electricity from renewable sources than it did from coal. Between 2010 and 2015, Britain’s renewable power capacity trebled, with over £40bn invested into onshore and offshore wind farms, solar PV and biomass.

But that massive progress in clean energy is about to slow dramatically, thanks to policy changes brought in since May’s general election. Without Liberal Democrats in coalition, the new Conservative government is slashing the low-carbon energy investment Britain needs if we are to tackle climate change and reduce our reliance on imported fossil fuels.

Tax Credits: Omni-shambolic Tory policy defeated by The Lords


Unprecedented attention has been given over the last few weeks to Chancellor George Osborne’s announced cuts to welfare benefits, in particular cuts to Tax Credits. The Prime Minister David Cameron promised not to cut Tax Credits before the General Election and the Government has now been dealt a major blow after the House of Lords voted to delay Tax Credit cuts and to have a three-year transition for low paid workers.

Kingston Council Lib Dem Leader of the Opposition, Cllr Liz Green said,

“There’s an important Liberal Democrat principle about helping the most vulnerable in society. The financial burden should be fair to families on low incomes and these changes could have seen three million families losing ten per cent of their income with average cuts of just over £1,300 a year.”

Lib Dems say “Forcing the right-to-buy on housing associations was a stupid policy before the election and remains a stupid policy after the election.”


Extending the right-to-buy to housing association tenants was a central commitment of the Conservative manifesto in May’s General Election. Now the Government have put forward their plans to compensate housing associations for every home sold using funds raised through forcing councils to sell off their highest value housing stock.

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