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Election results in Kingston Borough, May 2105

Sadly Ed Davey lost his seat to the Conservative candidate in the Kingston & Surbiton constituency, while Robin Meltzer was beaten by the Conservatives in Richmond Park.

There was better news in the two Council by-elections which were both won by the Liberal Democrats Rebekah Moll and Tom Davies.

The full results are here.

Media consultants bought in at additional £90,000 to head up Tory communications unit for next six months


Keen to make sure their political messages are enshrined in all communications from the Council to residents, earlier this year, the Tory-run Council commissioned a review of the communications function.

Westco Trading Limited, the only company asked to carry out the review, has now been awarded a six month contract to provide “consultancy support” with another review expected before the end of the budget year.

Councillor Liz Green, Leader of the Liberal Democrats said

“You couldn’t really make this sort of thing up! At Budget Council, the Tories cut the Communications budget by £160,000, then in April they spent £7,000 on a review but now instead of spending less they are going to throw a further £90,000 of residents’ money to employ consultants for the next six months.”

Lib Dems protest in silence following Council gagging order


Political disagreements deepened this week at the Council between the ruling Conservative Leader and the Liberal Democrat Group.

Lib Dems were left reeling last week after a motion, that would have triggered a debate at Council regarding the Leader of the Council’s perceived conflict of interest, was withdrawn for legal reasons.

Dressed in white t shirts that read "SILENCED - I’ve upset the people in power" and only after the Mayor’s community formalities had taken place, Lib Dem Councillors refused to take part in the second part of the Council meeting and protested by remaining silent for the rest of the meeting.

Rebekah Moll, Lib Dem candidate in Grove ward, writes ...


I am sure you, like me, care very much for the town we live in - its character as an ancient market town and its environment with green spaces like the Fairfield in the town centre, and access to areas like Richmond Park and Home Park close by.

I have lived in Kingston most of my adult life and am bringing up my two young children here because of these characteristics.

Tom Davies, Lib Dem candidate in Tolworth & Hook Rise ward, writes ...


I am sure like me, you value our local community in Tolworth, Hook, Chessington and Surbiton. We live in a fantastic location within the Royal Borough of Kingston. I am proud to be a part of this community and want to ensure that the local people who make up this community, have their say in how it is shaped.

This point can be clearly demonstrated in just one example - the potential development on the Tesco owned brownfield site on Hook Rise South. Local people MUST have their voices clearly heard in how this development takes shape. The pressures on local infrastructure, the potential impact of extra traffic on Tolworth roundabout, and the impact of local services, from travel to healthcare, must be seriously considered.

Lib Dems 'upset the people in power' as Conservative Leader silences debate


Lib Dems are left reeling after their motion submitted for debate at Full Council later this month has been withdrawn by senior officers following a complaint from the Conservative Leader of the Council, Kevin Davis.

The motion highlighted concerns raised by many local people and sought to ask the Leader of the Council to choose between his role as Leader of the Council and his employment as Chief Operating Officer of a public affairs company that works with property developers.

Lib Dem candidates chosen for Council by-elections on May 7th


There will be two Council by-elections on May 7th, the same day as the General Election.

Following the resignation of long serving Councillor Vicki Harris, Tom Davies will be standing in Tolworth & Hook Rise ward.

In Grove ward Rebekah Moll will be hoping to replace Councillor Stephen Brister who has also resigned.

Tories want more motorists fined


In this year’s budget, Kingston’s Conservative Administration have plans to introduce eight more bus lane and box junction cameras, to raise more funds for the Council. The extra unattended cameras will be in locations where frequent contraventions take place, but not necessarily where safety is the primary concern.

Why should residents pay twice for the police?


Liberal Democrats raise concerns

The Conservative Administration has made a budget announcement that Kingston Council, with the support of the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson will fund extra police in the town centre of Kingston.

Councillor Liz Green, Leader of the Liberal Democrats said:

Thames Agreement well and truly sunk - leaves large budget hole for future years


Today shock waves went through Kingston Council as an announcement was made that will see both Conservative Boroughs of Richmond and Wandsworth now sharing council services. The announcement brings to an end any plans the Conservatives had locally to merge services with Richmond.

Councillor Liz Green, Leader of the Liberal Democrats said

Money for Tory priorities should be spent to keep weekly recycling


First sight of Conservative Budget

George Osborne’s Autumn Statement brought more bad news for Kingston’s residents. Public spending in the next Parliament will fall to the lowest level for 80 years.

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