Cllr Sharon Hartley
Tolworth and Hook Rise Ward
South of the Borough Neighbourhood
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58 Norton Avenue

Election statement 2010

I moved to Kingston about 5 years mainly thanks to my husband, as I have lived across a number of the London boroughs over the years. I am looking forward to bringing a fresh perspective, solid enthusiasm and my commitment to making a difference on behalf of residents in the Tolworth & Hook Rise area (as well as Kingston as a whole). I am a tenacious character with a bucket load of common sense, which should complement the existing team of excellent councillors.

Graduating with a Media Studies degree in 1991 was a big lesson for me. There were no jobs, my parents weren’t wealthy so waiting for the right opportunity was not an option. To be honest, I just wanted to work. So, I worked in pubs, ran a Wimpy restaurant and finally got a ‘proper’ job working in the Civil Service as an admin assistant for the Parliamentary & Health Service Ombudsman. I have worked in a number of boring and some quite exciting jobs over my 25 years in work. As well as being a civil servant, I have been a trainer, resource manager and a communication manager for transportation organisations. I became an independent businesswoman in 2006 and more recently accepted a role as a Director for a Social Enterprise.

One of my aspirations is for us to better celebrate the wonderful heritage we already have in Tolworth and Hook Rise (as well as the rest of the South of the Borough!). I am looking forward to discovering and using all the amazing facilities we currently have to share. I am a Kingston Trust member and work as a volunteer helping their excellent Patient Experience Manager in Equality and Diversity.