Tories make major decision behind closed doors


Photo of the Cabinet Room where secret decisions are now being taken

Like a scene out of the film ‘Back to the Future’, Council Leader Kevin Davis arrived back at the Guildhall in May, set up a secret Cabinet Room and has taken his political Group in a time machine back to the days when Tories in power sadly meant decisions were made behind closed doors.

Speaking out on today’s major announcement to merge services wholesale between Richmond and Kingston, Lib Dem Leader of the Opposition, Councillor Liz Green said,

Thousands of pensioners in Kingston to benefit from Lib Dem manifesto pledge


Pensioners would be guaranteed to earn at least an extra £790 per year by the end of the next parliament under Liberal Democrat manifesto plans, Pensions Minister Steve Webb announced today.

These changes mean the state pension will be worth at least £131-a-week by 2020, up from just £97.65 four years ago.

Lib Dems to protect education budget from cradle to college


The Liberal Democrats will protect the full education budget in the next parliament, the Deputy Prime Minister announced today.

Nick Clegg said the party would ringfence education spending for 2 to 19-year-olds.

This means the Liberal Democrats would protect an extra £10billion of education spending based on this financial year, rising with inflation.

Lib Dems launch campaign against Tory-backed plans threatening Chessington Green Belt


Local Liberal Democrats have been inundated with emails from local people concerned about plans proposed by the Tory Deputy Mayor to build up to 70,000 homes in Chessington and create a new London ‘suburb’.

The plans were drawn up by London First, a London pressure group made up of big businesses, including large property firms like Westfield & Berkley Homes.

£700 tax cut promised, £800 delivered


The Budget has confirmed victory for the Liberal Democrats in our campaign to deliver an £800 tax cut for people on low and middle incomes.

Six things your council can do now to tackle legal loan sharks


The Leader of Kingston Council, Councillor Liz Green, has written an article for the Citizens Advice Bureau. She writes:

"I’ve been asked to share the work we’ve been doing in Kingston to tackle payday lenders head on.

Councillors report back on four more years of progress


Kingston residents will soon be receiving a copy of the report from the Liberal Democrats on Kingston Council.

This highlights many of the achievements of the councillors over the last four years, since the last local elections.

Tesco abandons plans for a superstore at Tolworth


Liberal Democrat campaigners are celebrating at the news that Tesco have decided against building a superstore by Tolworth roundabout. Instead, Tesco plan to develop the whole site for much-needed housing.

For full details of the Lib Dem campaign, led by local councillors and Edward Davey, see

Kingston wins £millions in groundbreaking cycling bid


On Monday 10th March the Mayor of London and Council Leader Cllr Liz Green announced that Kingston’s ground breaking mini-Holland programme has successfully won £30 million to create a major cycle hub to improve conditions for cyclists. The bid is one of the most ambitious projects of its kind for cycling in London.

The GLA is yet to notify exactly which projects will be funded.

Lib Dems say neighbourhoods should decide on parking charges to help local shops


The Lib Dems have announced that decisions on parking charges should be decided locally by Neighbourhood Committees, giving more flexibility to local areas to set charges that best fit their high streets or local shops.

There are already a lot of free parking spaces across Kingston because we know this is important for residents and businesses.

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