Open the Richmond Road entrance to Kingston Station

Robin Meltzer, the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Campaigner for Richmond Park and North Kingston, has met with Network Rail to discuss the opening of the Richmond Road entrance to Kingston station, particularly during peak hours. It is currently open open late at night when the main entrance is closed.

Threat to Chessington Green Belt - sign the petition

Plans backed by the Conservative Deputy Mayor for Housing at City Hall propose to build up to 70,000 homes in Chessington and create a new London ‘suburb’ across the green belt.

Petition to improve the K4 bus service

According to the Mayor of London, every Londoner should live within 400m of a bus stop with a good bus service. Many residents in Surbiton and Chessington not only live over 400m from a bus stop, but the service is very poor. The K4 bus only runs every half an hour with no service on Sunday!

Stop the pink shop petition

The Building of Townscape Merit that was Turners Jewellery Shop has been turned pink!

Red Lion Road Industrial Estate petition

The Red Lion Road Industrial Estate has long since grown past being a small, local industrial area employing people from the local community. Like many other industrial estates, it now comprises

Save Millbank House police front desk – update

Councillors Sushila Abraham, Malcolm Self and Liz Green

Fix the Gap

Anyone who uses Norbiton Station will know about the dangerous gap between the train and the platform. Mothers with small children and older people, in particular struggle to get on and off trains daily.

Join our campaign to persuade South West Trains and Network Rail to address the dangerously wide gap between the platform and the trains at Norbiton station.

Save Millbank Front Desk petition

Sushila Abraham with Councillors Malcolm Self and Liz GreenSushila Abraham with Councillors Malcolm Self and Liz Green

Sushila Abraham and the Lib Dem team have slammed the proposals by the Conservative Mayor of London to close the police front desk at Millbank House and to cut the number of dedicated officers on the beat in Berrylands.

Sushila Abraham selected to fight by-election


Berrylands Liberal Democrats have selected local businesswoman Sushila Abraham to contest the forthcoming by-election.

The forthcoming by-election has been triggered due to the death of Councillor Frances Moseley in December 2012. She was a fantastic Councillor who worked tirelessly for all members of the community. She will be sorely missed.

Zero tolerance in Kingston for anti social drinking


Osbourne calls for Designated Public Places Order

To help the Police deal with alcohol related anti social behaviour in Kingston Town centre at night, the Liberal Democrat Council Administration is calling for a new Designated Public Places Order (DPPO.) Subject to public consultation, the Order will make it illegal to continue to drink alcohol after being told not to do so by the Police.

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