Keep our non-stop trains to Waterloo - sign the petition

Crossrail 2 could potentially improve rail transport from South West London into Central London. Major decisions will be taken in the next few years, although it will not open until 2032 at the earliest.

Crossrail 2 will undoubtedly reduce the travel time for some Surbiton commuters, especially those heading north after arriving at Waterloo.

When questioned by Surbiton's Lib Dem councillors, Network Rail refused to guarantee that Surbiton's current fast, non-stopping trains to Waterloo will continue. This would increase journey times for many.

There is no reason why Surbiton cannot have BOTH: new Crossrail 2 routes and keep the fast service to Waterloo.

If you value the fast non-stopping service from Surbiton to Waterloo please sign our petition below and respond to the consultation.

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I call on the Government and Mayor of London to guarantee that Surbiton to Waterloo non-stopping services will continue under Crossrail 2.

Threat to Chessington Green Belt - sign the petition

Update, November 2015

Over 1000 people signed the petition below when we launched it last year. At the time Conservatives denounced our campaign as ‘scaremongering’ despite the written evidence and recent events confirm we were right all along to warn local people.

Chessington Golf Course in Garrison Lane is closing soon, and rumours have spread across the Neighbourhood about proposed redevelopment on the site. No-one has submitted a formal planning application to the Council – yet – but we do know that a developer has come forward with a proposal for housing which could also incorporate a swimming pool and a football pitch.

Improve Athelstan Recreation ground

Athelstan Recreation ground is in desperate need of improvement. With the declining Council budgets there has been a lack of capital investment within Kingston’s parks, and particularly play facilities, for a number of years. The playground has not seen any investment since 2010, and it needs upgrading to provide a valuable resource for the local community.

Fountain Roundabout Survey

Many residents have told us what a nightmare the Fountain roundabout can be for driving, cycling, walking or on public transport. We are calling on Conservative run Kingston Council to make improvements. However, all to often, politicians and council officers come up with solutions to what they think are the problems. We are asking those who use it.

We’ve designed this very brief survey to find out the issues directly from you - the residents who use the roundabout on a frequent basis.

Improve Woodgate Avenue playground

The residents of Woodgate Avenue and the surrounding area, are calling on Kingston Council to invest in the playground on Woodgate Avenue which is a health and safety hazard, badly neglected and has extremely poor facilities.
We want to see:

  • A safer play area with proper asphalt where there are no more gaps between asphalt and concrete which are hazardous to our young children
  • Better equipment which caters for a range of ages, including a slide, a roundabout and a climbing frame
  • More regular upkeep, including dealing with the weeds, cutting the grass and bins that are available to use and emptied
  • A gate that properly closes – this is clear safety hazard

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Rebekah Moll, Lib Dem candidate in Grove ward, writes ...


I am sure you, like me, care very much for the town we live in - its character as an ancient market town and its environment with green spaces like the Fairfield in the town centre, and access to areas like Richmond Park and Home Park close by.

I have lived in Kingston most of my adult life and am bringing up my two young children here because of these characteristics.

Tom Davies, Lib Dem candidate in Tolworth & Hook Rise ward, writes ...


I am sure like me, you value our local community in Tolworth, Hook, Chessington and Surbiton. We live in a fantastic location within the Royal Borough of Kingston. I am proud to be a part of this community and want to ensure that the local people who make up this community, have their say in how it is shaped.

This point can be clearly demonstrated in just one example - the potential development on the Tesco owned brownfield site on Hook Rise South. Local people MUST have their voices clearly heard in how this development takes shape. The pressures on local infrastructure, the potential impact of extra traffic on Tolworth roundabout, and the impact of local services, from travel to healthcare, must be seriously considered.

Residents urged to make their views knows at the Public Exhibition for Kingston’s Old Post Office planning application


Kingston Liberal Democrat Councillor for Grove Ward, Stephen Brister, is urging residents to make their views known on the planning application for the Old Post Office Site in Kingston.

The plans for St George’s planning application are on display later this week (15 Jan, 16 Jan and 17 Jan) at a Public Exhibition at the Old Post Office building.

Lib Dems launch petition to save Kingston’s iconic “tumbling telephone boxes”


Click here to sign the petition.

Kingston Liberal Democrats have launched a petition to save the tumbling telephone boxes at the junction of Old London Rd and Clarence St. The telephone box installation is one of the best known symbols of Kingston, featuring on many postcards and photos of the town.

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