Surbiton 20mph speed limit consultation – sign up below

In 2014, Surbiton Liberal Democrats started the campaign for a 20mph limit on all streets in Surbiton. Lots of you agreed with us and we now have some good news.

The Liberal Democrat Councillors in Surbiton have won a major victory towards securing safer streets for Surbiton residents. There will now be a consultation on 20mph in all residential roads in Surbiton Neighbourhood.

Conservatives used constitutional powers to stop the agreed 20mph speed limit in Surbiton town centre over a year ago. But local Lib Dems did not give up and now we have a Surbiton wide consultation.

Improve Broadoaks in Tolworth - sign the petition

Broadoaks is a private access road behind Tolworth Broadway, and local residents are not happy with the state it is in.

Broadoaks has been neglected by the land owners for a long time and has become a serious health and safety issue for the local residents, passers-by and especially children.

People who live in Broadoaks claim fly-tipping is so bad, they can’t park and are finding the dumped waste a health hazard.

Tories let you down again


This afternoon, regrettably, Boris Johnson has not used his powers to help residents of Tolworth and has rubber stamped the decision by Kingston's Conservatives for the overdevelopment of the Tolworth Tower site.

He has chosen to ignore a petition collected in just 10 days by Kingston Liberal Democrats and signed by over 1000 local residents. This afternoon at a closed meeting, the Mayor of London disregarded the wishes of the vast majority of local people and upheld the bad decision taken by Tory Councillors.

Tom Davies, Lib Dem Councillor for Tolworth says:

"I'm dismayed at this decision; Boris Johnson clearly does not understand Tolworth. I was gobsmacked when the Conservatives on the Development Control Committee agreed to permit this massive overdevelopment."

Kingston’s new recycling scheme is rubbish - sign the NEW petition

Emily Davey (in red) - Lib Dem London Assembly candidate - with local Lib Dem councillors. Together they are opposing Conservative cuts to Kingston’s recycling.

“Kingston’s recycling rates will fall with the new scheme,” says Emily Davey, Surbiton resident and Lib Dem London Assembly candidate. “Our good record on recycling will nose-dive with this complex and cluttering plan. Please sign my petition.”

Emily is campaigning with local Lib Dem councillors who fought this decision by the Conservative-led council, to urge residents to join them in demanding a re-think - and sign our new petition.

Cllr Tom Davies: Why I oppose the Tolworth towers

Tom Davies: sign our petition to do what's right for Tolworth

Sign our petition at Just a couple of days left to sign the petition to ask The Mayor Of London to overturn Kingston Council's decision to approve the inappropriate Tolworth plans.Here's Tolworth And Hook Rise councillor Tom Davies on why the approval of these Tolworth plans is wrong and why we need as many as possible to sign the petition.Thank you.

Posted by Kingston Liberal Democrats on Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Click to sign the petition.

Conservatives propose to close Devon Way Youth Centre

The Devon Way Youth Centre is home to five regular groups plus others as required, and most of these cater for youngsters who need extra help and support for a number of different reasons.

Shock as Conservatives force through Tolworth tower plans - sign the petition

Tory councillors have forced through the planning application which will see four further towers alongside Tolworth Tower on the Broadway. The towers will be 5, 12, 15 and 19 storeys high.

Local residents told them they were concerned about even more traffic, pressure on local schools and doctors, lack of affordable homes for local people and deteriorating air quality. But every
single Tory councillor voted for the controversial development.

Councillors were told the public supported the plans.

The committee members were not told of a 400 signature petition opposing the scheme apparently collected by local Tory Councillor Richard Hudson.

Kingston Lib Dems respond to the CrossRail 2 consultation

By 2018, over fifty years after joining Greater London, Kingston will be the only London borough in which TfL has no tube or rail stations or tram stops. In this context, any proposed TfL investment in Kingston rail is not only welcome; it is long overdue.

Keep our non-stop trains to Waterloo - sign the petition

Crossrail 2 could potentially improve rail transport from South West London into Central London. Major decisions will be taken in the next few years, although it will not open until 2032 at the earliest.

Crossrail 2 will undoubtedly reduce the travel time for some Surbiton commuters, especially those heading north after arriving at Waterloo.

When questioned by Surbiton's Lib Dem councillors, Network Rail refused to guarantee that Surbiton's current fast, non-stopping trains to Waterloo will continue. This would increase journey times for many.

There is no reason why Surbiton cannot have BOTH: new Crossrail 2 routes and keep the fast service to Waterloo.

If you value the fast non-stopping service from Surbiton to Waterloo please sign our petition below and respond to the consultation.

Sign the petition

I call on the Government and Mayor of London to guarantee that Surbiton to Waterloo non-stopping services will continue under Crossrail 2.

Threat to Chessington Green Belt - sign the petition

Update, November 2015

Over 1000 people signed the petition below when we launched it last year. At the time Conservatives denounced our campaign as ‘scaremongering’ despite the written evidence and recent events confirm we were right all along to warn local people.

Chessington Golf Course in Garrison Lane is closing soon, and rumours have spread across the Neighbourhood about proposed redevelopment on the site. No-one has submitted a formal planning application to the Council – yet – but we do know that a developer has come forward with a proposal for housing which could also incorporate a swimming pool and a football pitch.

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