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Mandeville Drive - sign the petition

[From left] Councillors Malcolm Self, Hilary Gander and John Ayles inspecting the junction

The resurfacing work carried out at Mandeville Drive on 31st March has been left in an unsatisfactory state, with the new surface ending well short of the end of Mandeville Drive and the junction with Oaks Way and Saffron Way.

The junction itself is in a very poor condition and needs resurfacing.

In addition, repeated requests for the footways, also in a very poor state, to be resurfaced, have been ignored.

Level crossing at Elm Road, New Malden

Crossrail 2 has received the go ahead from Central Government and will increase the frequency of trains from New Malden. But there are sticking points yet to be resolved in New Malden.

The most local is what to do about the current level crossing on Elm Road.

Tell us your views on building on the Green Belt

Residents in Chessington may have received a leaflet concerning the potential development of the former Chessington Golf Centre in Garrison Lane. You can also see the plans on

"We only only had sight of the outline plans on 11th March, and we really would like to know what you think,” says local resident and Councillor Rachel Reid.

Get updates on the massive £4 million on 'Kingston Futures'

Kingston Conservatives have been branded arrogant and out of touch for their 'ambitious growth' agenda. Kingston Futures is their Council planning quango to deliver this overdevelopment.

Now Kingston Conservatives have refused to allow public scrutiny of the £4 million Kingston Futures budget.

Residents have a right to know how this massive amount of THEIR money is being spent. We are determined that we will find out and publicly question how the £4 million is value for money.

If you want to be updated on this, please provide your details below.

Tolworth Action Group (TAG) to launch Judicial Review of Kingston Council over Tolworth Tower plans

There is a dark cloud looming over Tolworth in the form of the current developments proposed for the local area. The gathering storm of tower blocks and urbanisation of a suburban area is outrageous and wrong.

Surbiton 20mph speed limit consultation – sign up below

In 2014, Surbiton Liberal Democrats started the campaign for a 20mph limit on all streets in Surbiton. Lots of you agreed with us and we now have some good news.

The Liberal Democrat Councillors in Surbiton have won a major victory towards securing safer streets for Surbiton residents. There will now be a consultation on 20mph in all residential roads in Surbiton Neighbourhood.

Conservatives used constitutional powers to stop the agreed 20mph speed limit in Surbiton town centre over a year ago. But local Lib Dems did not give up and now we have a Surbiton wide consultation.

Improve Broadoaks in Tolworth - sign the petition

Broadoaks is a private access road behind Tolworth Broadway, and local residents are not happy with the state it is in.

Broadoaks has been neglected by the land owners for a long time and has become a serious health and safety issue for the local residents, passers-by and especially children.

People who live in Broadoaks claim fly-tipping is so bad, they can’t park and are finding the dumped waste a health hazard.

Tories let you down again


This afternoon, regrettably, Boris Johnson has not used his powers to help residents of Tolworth and has rubber stamped the decision by Kingston's Conservatives for the overdevelopment of the Tolworth Tower site.

He has chosen to ignore a petition collected in just 10 days by Kingston Liberal Democrats and signed by over 1000 local residents. This afternoon at a closed meeting, the Mayor of London disregarded the wishes of the vast majority of local people and upheld the bad decision taken by Tory Councillors.

Tom Davies, Lib Dem Councillor for Tolworth says:

"I'm dismayed at this decision; Boris Johnson clearly does not understand Tolworth. I was gobsmacked when the Conservatives on the Development Control Committee agreed to permit this massive overdevelopment."

Kingston’s new recycling scheme is rubbish - sign the NEW petition

Emily Davey (in red) - Lib Dem London Assembly candidate - with local Lib Dem councillors. Together they are opposing Conservative cuts to Kingston’s recycling.

“Kingston’s recycling rates will fall with the new scheme,” says Emily Davey, Surbiton resident and Lib Dem London Assembly candidate. “Our good record on recycling will nose-dive with this complex and cluttering plan. Please sign my petition.”

Emily is campaigning with local Lib Dem councillors who fought this decision by the Conservative-led council, to urge residents to join them in demanding a re-think - and sign our new petition.

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