Lib Dems on Kingston Council support Black Lives Matters

At yesterday’s meeting of Full Council a motion supporting the Black Lives Matter movement was debated and agreed to overwhelmingly by councillors. The motion is also strongly supported by the Kingston Race and Equalities Council (KREC).

Kingston is the only council in the country to have raised the Black Lives Matter flag over its offices, and this motion has affirmed the Council’s unequivocal support for stamping out racism and discrimination. The motion committed the Council to several actions, including lobbying government on changes to the school curriculum and working with KREC to facilitate events such as Black History Month celebrations.

Cllr Caroline Kerr, Leader of Kingston Council, said: “I am pleased that the Council has backed this motion so strongly. Both Liberal Democrats and Greens lent their support to the Black Lives Matter cause, and this sends a powerful message that we will not ignore racism in our borough. I am, though, disappointed that the Conservatives decided not to support a motion which I hoped would bring all our councillors together.

“Black Lives Matter has shone a spotlight on many racial inequalities in our society. No council can change the world overnight, but I am committed to working with Kingston Racial Equality Council to listen to the experience of black people in our community and to do what we can in Kingston to stamp out discrimination.”

Above photo: Mayor of Kingston, Margaret Thompson, and CEO of Kingston Race and Equalities Council, John Azah, hold the Black Lives Matter flag before it's flown above the Guildhall last month.

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