20mph speed limits in Surbiton - 2014 Petition


On 2nd September 2014 at Surbiton neighbourhood meeting the local Tories reached a new low and showed their true colours on local decision making.

*** This petition was submitted to Kingston Council on Tuesday 4th November 2014 ***

20mph proposals for Surbiton

New 20mph speed limits in Surbiton had been proposed. Residents were consulted (with the majority of responses in favour), residents turned up at the meeting and spoke (both those for it and against), it was debated by local Surbiton Councillors before a vote.

The Councillors who voted in favour of 20mph limits were Liz Green, Diane White, Sushila Abraham, Malcolm Self, John Ayles and Hilary Gander. The Councillors who voted against were Andy Johnson, Mike Head, Ian George, Richard Hudson and Chris Hayes. Councillor Yogan Yoganathan was unable to attend due to recent surgery).

Tories bypass the decision

The motion was therefore passed by 6 votes to 5 votes by the Surbiton Councillors. All those voting for are Liberal Democrat members and those voting against were Conservative. Richard Hudson, Councillor for Alexandra Ward (which covers parts of Berrylands and Tolworth)immediately moved a constitutional point of order. He took the unprecedented action of requisitioning the decision to be reviewed by full council. All decisions on local road issues have been taken by local Councillors for two decades in Kingston.

So what does this mean?

The decision taken by the local Councillors will now be taken by all Kingston Councillors. Basically, the Surbiton Tories did not like the decision made by local elected Councillors so they plan to overturn it using the Tory majority overall on the Council. Councillors in Chessington, North Kingston and New Malden will get to decide what happens to roads in Surbiton.

We think that decisions should be taken as locally as possible; that's why Liberal Democrats introduced neighbourhood committees to make local decisions over 20 years ago. In one night, within 4 months of gaining power at the Guildhall, Kingston Tories are removing local decision making.

Sign the petition

We want an extension to the 20mph speed limit in Surbiton, as consulted on, and approved by the Surbiton neighbourhood Councillors. We want decisions on Surbiton Roads to be taken by Surbiton Councillors.

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