A3 electronic billboards - what's your view?


The new electronic billboard above the A3 underpass on Malden Way has sparked a large number of complaints - with people alarmed about the distraction to drivers and night-time light pollution.

These hoardings appeared two months ago, but were approved by the Conservative-controlled Maldens and Coombe Planning Sub Committee on 16 October 2014.

One driving instructor told the Lib Dem Focus Team it was particularly a problem for learner drivers.

"We've heard resident concerns about light pollution affecting neighbouring homes at night. I’m also worried about sightlines, that the pedestrian crossings are being obscured. ” said Trevor Heap.

“We have let the police know our concerns, but wanted to gauge opinion more widely,” added Simon James. “The copper effect surround reflects the sun and drivers at the roundabout sometimes can’t see pedestrians and cyclists approaching the crossings.”

What are people saying?

What do you think? Should the electronic billboard be removed? Just toned down? Or turned off at a reasonable hour? Share your thoughts in the comments box below.

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