Another planning application refused

This week Lib Dem run Kingston Council refused another planning application on Seething Wells Filter Beds.

Full details of the application are available here, but essentially it was to erect fences around the actual filter beds.

This would create a danger to the wildlife on site, particularly the birds and bats, impeding their line of flight.

“The site owners seem to refuse to recognise the importance of this site for biodiversity”, says Councillor Diane White.
“So I am pleased to see that the Council officers have spelt it out very clearly in their refusal letter.”

“Their constant smaller planning applications seem to be designed to wear down the Council and the local community”, adds Councillor Yogan Yoganathan.
“So we’d like to especially thank the local residents who submitted their objections. We will remain alert to new applications until they get the message — this site is not suitable for development!”


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