Lib Dems speculate why the Chief Executive has been pushed out

Following the news of the Tory deal that has seen the popular Chief Executive, Bruce McDonald depart RBK, the Lib Dem Leader speculates on possible reasons why he has had to go.



Difficult Questions

Councillor Liz Green said,

“There are now some difficult questions for the Leader of the Council to reveal and that is how much has the deal he initiated cost the residents?

We are now two years into the Conservative Administration and there are problems brewing for the Tories! There are tensions about the strategic direction they should take. Councillors are in-fighting and there are deep divisions particularly over Kevin Davis’ plans to over develop the Borough.

Latterly, Bruce McDonald has had to endure some of the most challenging political situations whilst also overseeing the most difficult years of local government finance. I speculate this will have taken its toll on the relationship between the Chief Executive and the Council Leader.


Tories Never Had a Plan

Building on our success of working with other councils, the Tories tried to merge RBK services with Richmond Council and despite best efforts and hard work from Bruce McDonald and his senior management team, Councillors True and Davis fell out and Richmond walked away to do another deal with Wandsworth. If you look back at their 2010 local manifesto, the Tories never had a plan to deal with the upcoming financial crisis and there is a very large hole in their budget planning.

Whilst there is ongoing media speculation about whether a council even needs a Chief Executive, someone has to be at the top. Councillors cannot do the work of the council they are there to set the political direction. And anyway, you would not want Kevin Davis to run the Council so I assume he’s looking for a Conservative Chief Executive or someone who will be given a new fancy job title and who will, along with his new Head of Communications say, 'Yes Kevin'."

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