Stop overdevelopment and solve traffic chaos on Chessington's roads


Local Lib Dems are concerned about impending overdevelopment in Chessington

Queues on the Leatherhead Rd and Moor Lane, and rat running on local roads are set to get far worse if the Conservative government's targets for new housing in Kingston are forced through.

These fears arise from the housing targets that the Tory Government has set for Kingston Council which would see an average 20% increase in homes in our area without ANY improvements planned for local roads and services.

Local campaigner Andreas Kirsch added, "We all want new housing but the scale of the Tory government's plans for Kingston Borough are just too much. I can't see where these homes could be built without encroaching on our precious greenbelt.”

The impact on local roads and services would be horrendous. We need Crossrail 2 to be built serving Chessington before we could consider substantially more housing. Yet the government stalls again and again on giving Crossrail 2 the green light, and even then services would not start for 20 years."

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