Win a Christmas hamper

A festive fund raiser!

The Christmas Hampers will be filled with home-made goodies, a few donated luxuries and also various crafted items made during lockdown by very bored Lib Dems.

All proceeds to Kingston Lib Dems, and St James and Old Malden wards.

A big Thank you to all those who have donated stuff.

First Prize

  • As an Amuse Bouche how about a handful of home roasted peppered Cashew nuts? - the recipe was taught to me by my cook in India.
  • Then we have some smoked Salmon and smoked Duck from the Chesil Smokery with my usual pickled cucumber and roasted balsamic mushrooms.
  • As a centre piece a 2 kilo Honey, Dijon Mustard and Clove roasted Ham from a free range farm in Sussex (though I’ll be cooking the ham!)
  • Not much growing in the garden, but I did make some tomato chilli chutney, dried herbs and a festive string of home grown chillies.
  • For those with a sweet tooth - vegetarian mincemeat, a homemade gluten free Christmas cake and a wicked Yule log with cream and covered in chocolate and then some chocolate truffles if you have room.
  • Christmas Decorations are a must and there are both edible and non-edible in the hamper – can you guess which are which? Cookies, bunny, hat, cactus, flowers, strawberries, caviar, eggs and more!
  • Champagne, port, whisky, sherry and elderflower cordial will keep you well lubricated .

At a rough estimate the contents are worth over £150.

Vegetarian and gluten free options are also available.

Second and third prizes

There is a second prize hamper with fizz, smoked salmon, decorations and Belgian choccies, and a third small hamper with wine, chocolate and various decorations.

The draw

The raffle closed at midnight 14th December.

Prizes will be drawn on the 15th December by a neighbour with a video to show fair play.


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