Let's make Norbiton work for residents


Local Lib Dem Focus team is proposing to put two venues in Norbiton under the control of community organisations.

Piper Hall on Cambridge Road Estate and Cambridge Gardens Estate's Queen Mary Hall are currently costing taxpayers £28,500 per year in management costs. In an attempt to cover costs, Tory-run Kingston Council is now looking to hike up charges for community groups and individuals who wish to use the spaces.
“It's difficult to work out how the Council could spend so much on managing two halls,” said Lib Dem campaigner Emily Davey.
We need to take the halls out of the bureaucrats' hands and put them in community control.
“In making this move, we can save money for taxpayers, and ensure Piper and Queen Mary Hall serve the residents of Norbiton more successfully.”

(In picture: Local Lib Dems outside Norbiton's Searchlight Community Centre which is no longer managed by the Council and successfully managed by a local organisation)

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