Conservatives and Labour vote to take £1 Million from local schools

By Gareth Shelton, Mar 24, 2018 3:03

Conservative and Labour Councillors have voted to take an extra £1 million from already struggling schools - rejecting Liberal Democrat proposals to take money from Council reserves.

Leader of the Liberal Democrats on Kingston Council, Liz Green said: "I cannot believe that Conservative and Labour Councillors want to take an extra £1million from our already struggling schools."

Conservative mismanagement of the budgets for children with special educational needs means that the Kingston’s dedicated school grant budget is now £12million in deficit - from £2million in surplus in 2014. To recoup their overspend they are raiding money from our local schools.

Liberal Democrats want to take the £1million from council reserves, to protect schools budgets, but all Conservative and Labour Councillors voted it down. "It is not right that our children's education should suffer due to their incompetence".

The list below shows the amount of money each school in Kingston will lose this year due to Kingston’s Conservative and Labour councillors.

School name Change in funding (budget reduction in 18/19 due to Tory and Labour decision to take an extra £1m from schools)
Burlington Junior School -£29,028
Burlington Infant and Nursey School -£14,055
Coombe Hill Infant School -£18,419
Ellingham Primary School -£15,308
Lime Tree Primary School £0
Green Lane Primary and Nursery School £0
Robin Hood Primary School -£3,109
Tolworth Junior School £0
Tolworth Infant and Nursery School £0
Coombe Hill Junior School -£23,334
Maple Infants' School -£10,375
Alexandra School -£20,405
King Athelstan Primary School £0
Grand Avenue Primary and Nursery School -£34,368
Malden Manor Primary and Nursery School £0
King's Oak Primary School £0
Lovelace Primary School £0
Fern Hill Primary School -£36,417
Christ Church New Malden CoFE Primary School -£16,365
Christ Church CoFE Primary School -£29,591
Malden Parochial CoFE Primary School -£14,523
St Andrew's and St Mark's CoFE Junior School -£12,333
St John's C of E Primary School -£10,982
St Paul's CoFE Primary School -£8,104
St Paul's CoFE Primary School, Kingston Hill -£10,191
St Matthew's CoFE Primary School -£15,426
St Mary's CoFE (Aided) Primary School -£8,927
Corpus Christi Catholic Primary School -£23,518
Our Lady Immaculate Catholic Primary School -£16,248
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School -£2,295
St Luke's CoFE Primary School -£14,540
Chessington Community College -£32,314
Castle Hill Primary School £0
Knollmead Primary School -£7,165
Latchmere School -£33,827
St Agatha's Catholic Primary School -£18,656
Kingston Community School -£3,308
The Kingston Academy -£35,373
Coombe Girls' School -£82,811
Southborough High School -£51,819
The Tiffin Girls' School -£25,361
Tolworth Girls' School and Sixth Form -£82,371
Tiffin School -£52,079
Richard Challoner School -£59,130
The Holy Cross School -£59,547
Coombe Boy's School £0
The Hollyfield School and Sixth Form Centre -£68,379

N.B. A few schools will not lose extra money by the local raiding of funds, because they are already losing enough funding through the Conservative Government’s move to National Funding Formula, so are described at ‘on the floor’ for Minimum Funding Guarantee.

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