Controlling late night drinking

People who live in the centre of Kingston have told Kingston Council that they want more control over the spread of late night drinking establishments.

Cllr Simon James, who is responsible for licensing on the Council, said, “The vibrancy of the town centre at night is one of the things that makes Kingston a great place to live and adds to our economy".

“However there is obviously a point at which the number of late night drinking establishments start to make any town centre an unpleasant place to live and to increase anti- social behaviour. Residents have clearly told us that this point has been reached.”

The Lib Dem run Council has listened, and is asking residents’ views on the introduction of a so- called Cumulative Impact Zone in the town centre. Any new applications for licenses in such a Zone would normally be refused, unless they can show that they will not make things worse.

The area (drawn up by the police) runs from the top of Canbury Gardens down to the end of the High Street, and is bounded on either side by the river and the ring road.

Cllr James said: “We want to put this zone into place and the police agree with us. The law doesn’t allow us to close properties down but it would allow us to refuse applications for new licenses, or to refuse to extend the hours of existing ones.”

Further information is available on the Council website.

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