Council Leader backs ‘No More Page 3’ campaign



Cllr Liz Green has declared her support for Kingston University’s campaign to scrap page three in the Sun. Kingston University are supporting the national campaign against this long standing anachronism and have removed the Sun from sale or distribution on the University campus.

Cllr Liz Green said:
“This campaign is extremely important for how women are perceived in the UK in the 21st Century. This isn’t about banning anything, it’s about people putting their money where their mouth is and not buying the Sun whilst it keeps page 3 running.

“By retaining this anachronism The Sun is showing that it believes young women are there purely for titillation, supplanting what should be a space for news with an image of women that frankly belongs back in the 1970s.

“There’s no longer a place for this backwards view of women in the media. The Sun is still the most read newspaper in the UK and the only message that Rupert Murdoch understands is one that hits his back pocket.

“The simple fact is boobs aren’t news and as council leader I will do everything I can to support this campaign.”

1. Kingston University has voted to take the newspaper off the shelves on its campus shops and libraries.
2. Council libraries have not stocked the Sun newspaper for several years.


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