Donate to the Kingston Liberal Democrats

Whilst the Conservatives are funded by huge donations from their millionaire friends, and Labour by the Trade Unions, Lib Dems do things differently.

We need you, our members and supporters, as well as the local communities and businesses we campaign for, to help us win.

Please donate generously, either as a one-off gift or regular monthly contribution, using the form below to fund our work to keep making sure that our Borough is represented by a strong Liberal Democrat team.

However, if you'd prefer to donate via Cheque, Bank Transfer or regular Standing Order – all of which also allows us to keep more of your kind donation as we don't pay transaction fees – please email [email protected].


  • A donation of £100 will pay for 1 month's worth of Facebook Ads
  • A donation of £250 will pay for 5,000 Focus leaflets to cover a ward
  • A donation of £1,200 will pay for 10,000 pieces of direct mail to key voters