Lib Dems introduce emissions-based parking charges

Air pollution causes more than one person a week to die prematurely in Kingston. We have to take urgent action and make a start in cleaning up our air.

There is a real connection between how much your car pollutes and the air we all breathe and that’s why the Liberal Democrat administration is proposing to introduce emissions-based parking charges in this budget.

Residents who drive electric and hybrid vehicles will no longer pay for parking permits at all - as we promised before the election - and charges are being frozen for people with low emitting vehicles. There will be rises in charges for more polluting vehicles, second and third cars, and for diesels.

The council is moving to a system where residents can pay these charges in instalments, to allow people to cope best with any increases.

Action on clean air is a priority. We want Kingston to be showcase for sustainable travel. We are working hard to build safe cycle lanes right across the borough and we are quadrupling the number of EV charging points. We are also planting a record number of trees because they capture polluting particles and clean up the air whilst also providing a more pleasant environment for pedestrians. We are campaigning against engine-idling particularly outside our schools because that creates the worst air pollution. 

Air pollution affects all our residents, but the youngest and the oldest are the most vulnerable. For children it can impact their lung development and increase the risk of asthma and, amongst adults, it contributes to deaths from strokes, heart disease, chest infections and cancer. The least well-off are also twice as likely to die from lung conditions as those living in the most affluent areas.

Councillor Liz Green, Leader of Kingston Council, said:

“Air pollution kills and tackling our borough’s poor air quality is a top priority of this administration. It contributes to one in twenty deaths in Kingston and increases the risk of asthma among children. We have to make a start in cleaning up our air.”

Proposed Charges:

Electric and hybrid - £0

1-120 g/km - £90

121-150 g/km - £120

151-185 g/km - £160

186-225 g/km - £220

Over 225 g/km - £350


Diesel surcharge - £50

Second car surcharge - £60

Third car surcharge - £120

Above charges have been revised after the Council consulted with public and listened to residents' concerns. Now the new charges are fairer for permit holders. Lib Dems at Kingston Council are listening to you. Read here about this new decision:
18 April 2019

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