EU Referendum


Read why the Liberal Democrats are the most pro-European party and why we're campaigning to remain in Europe this year. As the campaign gets underway we'll be adding more reasons for wanting to stay.

In Europe, we are more prosperous, we are safer and we are better prepared to tackle global challenges.

Let's keep leading the way. Join the fight to keep us #INtogether.

Why are Liberal Democrats campaigning to remain in Europe?

Find out why Liberal Democrats are campaigning to keep Britain in Europe this year.

Why we are pro-European

Find out what makes Liberal Democrat members pro-European.

Is Europe perfect?

Fighting for reform in Europe is better than the alternative of leaving.

Scotland is better off in

Scottish families benefit from Scotland remaining in Europe.

Europe is good for Wales

Thousands of jobs in Wales are dependent on Europe. We can't put them at risk.

How is England better off in Europe?

England is home to some of the most successful European businesses.

Can Expats vote in the Referendum?

British Expats can vote in the Referendum, but despite millions living worldwide less than 100,000 voted last year.

More reasons why we're #INtogether:

Our economy

The benefits of Europe are clear: Families, workers and businesses are better off in Europe.

Fighting Climate Change

Climate change isn't something we can fight on our own.

Our safety and security

Britain is safer and more secure in Europe.