Feedback Welcomed on 20mph Speed Limit

Kingston Liberal Democrats invite feedback on proposed borough-wide 20mph roads.

Email the Council today, and let them hear your views by 9th Feb [email protected]

If you would like to give more detailed feedback, Kingston Council is currently consulting on the plans for 20mph speed limits throughout the borough. You can view the consultation on:

Kingston Liberal Democrats wholeheartedly support safer 20mph limits because it:

  • Reduces casualties: children and older people are most at risk from speeding vehicles; driving at 20mph means a longer reaction time to avoid collisions, and if hit there are 7–10 times fewer fatalities at 20mph than at 30mph.
  • Encourages people to walk and cycle with all the benefits that means for their health: as speeds are reduced more people choose sustainable travel modes.
  • Improves air quality: fewer cars on the roads reduces pollution, and smoothing out of braking and accelerating also means fewer harmful particulates are released into the air.

Just under half of the roads in Kingston are limited to 20mph, and by treating all roads within the borough the same, average speeds will reduce (Private roads and those under Transport for London's TfL control will be exempt). It will also be a step towards the Council's plans to improve air quality by lowering and evening-out acceleration, and make the environment much more appealing for pedestrians and cyclists.

Lib Dem Cllr Hilary Gander, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainable Transport, said, “We're committed to making our roads safer and reducing the number of road casualties caused by speeding.

“As well as safety, we also want to encourage healthy lifestyles, and by making our roads easier to use and more attractive, more residents will be happy to walk and cycle.”

For more information on the case for reducing speed limits, visit 20's Plenty website.

[In picture: Councillor Katrina Lidbetter (Tudor Ward) says, “20 is plenty”.]

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