Get Out, Get Active, and Get Cycling

A report from Kingston Council on cycling has some extremely encouraging news. It has shown increased take-up of cycling across the Borough coinciding with the completion of several Go Cycle programmes.

The findings have shown that the completion of the Go Cycle Programme on Portsmouth Road has seen a 59% increase in cycling lane usage throughout the day. At peak periods that increased even higher to 104% when comparing with when the route was built before.

Kingston Council was granted £30 million in 2014 from the Mayor of London and the Transport for London (TfL). They were just one of three areas across London to be selected. The money received is being managed through the ‘Go Cycle’ programme that is designed to encourage people who live, work, and study in the borough to cycle when possible.

With the population in Kingston set to increase, the Go Cycle programe is working to reduce the congestion in the streets by adding not only Dr. Bike checks and increased bike-parking, but also preparing for the future of Kingston.

This includes the creation of a new plaza outside Kingston station, opening a large strip of private to create a new link between New Malden and Raynes Park and significant upgrades to the Kingston town centre ring road.

Councillor Hilary Gander, Portfolio Holder for Environment and Sustainable Transport stated: “Kingston is committed to being one of the most openly accessible places to cycle in London, and we are pleased to see that Kingston residents and visitors are engaging with cycling and taking to their bikes in record numbers.”

“Our investment in cycle routes, thanks in part to TfL funding, will ensure that Kingston continues to provide safe and convenient cycling routes for commuting and for pleasure.”

The cycling programme is working hard to reduce any fear or views of cycling to be unsafe by offering training courses, providing more space for cyclists, and travel planning.

Cycling is not only a healthy option for you but also for the environment. Besides promoting healthy living, the other top three reasons that people are cycling is: enjoyable, it saves time, and it saves money.

Read the full Report about cycling in Kingston (

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