Golden Tenners

Could you be a Golden Angel?

Liberal Democrats are not funded by big business or the trades unions. We rely on the good will of our members and supporters.

Which is why we are inviting people to step forward as our Golden Angels. Could you be one?

Just £10 each month

If you could manage just £10 per month then please become one of our Golden Angels.

Don’t feel you have to stop at £10. If you could manage a larger sum, say £20 or even £50 per month, then we would be delighted.

The reward

Your reward will be knowing that you have made a difference, and have helped to make Kingston a more liberal and a more democratic place.

If you would like to become a Golden Angel then download the formprint it off, fill it in and post it (Freepost) to us.


If you have any questions about this scheme please contact the Treasurer on [email protected]

Thank you!

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