Griseldis Kirsch

Chessington South & Malden Rushett ward candidate


Griseldis Kirsch has lived in Chessington for 10 years and before that in Kingston. She feels at home in Chessington South, and has fallen in love with the local area.

One of her children is at a local school; good local schools matter, particularly also for SEND children. She is very happy about Moor Lane school, established by Lib Dems.

Griseldis wants to work towards better facilities for vulnerable adults too; wants to work towards getting even more and better facilities that are inclusive, including a swimming pool for the community.

Griseldis is standing to get the best for Chessington, and her main focus will be:

  1. Protecting the Green Belt
  2. Excellent local schools
  3. Protecting the environment to fight climate change


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