As Kingston A&E fails on waiting times

key_hospital.pngKingston Hospital urged people not to go to Accident and Emergency this January, as the full extent of how the Conservatives have starved health and social care services of vital cash became clear - in Kingston and elsewhere.

Local people complained of long waits at Kingston’s A&E, with official figures showing Kingston has been regularly missing its hospital waiting time targets.

It’s not just inadequate NHS funding by the Conservative Government,” argues Chessington Lib Dem Councillor, Margaret Thompson. “It’s also Kingston Council failing to provide proper care for elderly patients ready to go home.”

Kingston’s Lib Dem Health Campaigner, Ed Davey, says people are right to be angry over these failures. “I’m worried that elderly people especially are suffering from lack of care and longer waiting times. We told the Conservatives this would happen, but they wouldn’t listen.”

The unprecedented action by Kingston Hospital to tell people not to come in except in a “real emergency” is just the start of our problems, Kingston Lib Dems argue. They point to new figures unveiled by NHS officials at the end of 2016 warning of a massive budget shortfall of £900 million in South West London’s NHS within 5 years.

It’s clear Conservative Ministers want to shut at least one hospital in South West London,” said Ed Davey. “While we must campaign to ensure that’s not Kingston, any closure in our area would increase the already intolerable pressure at Kingston. The local Conservative MP and councillors have got to get a grip as they seem utterly complacent about this NHS crisis.

In the photo Lib Dem, Ed Davey, hears from a Kingston Hospital nurse how our local NHS is struggling partly because the Council is failing to provide proper care in the community.

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