Keep our Countdown!

bob_steed-kingston_lib_dems-liberal_democrats-transport-bueses-tfl-countdown-protest-cuts-kingston-route_85_bus-85.jpgKingston's Lead Member for Transport has revealed that the Conservative Mayor of London is planning on removing 32 'countdown' facilities from the borough’s most remote bus stops.

Cllr Bob Steed said: "The TfL countdown service is extremely useful for bus passengers planning their journey, especially in remote locations where there are low frequency services. If you need to travel after dark, real time information on when your bus service will arrive can make all the difference for deciding whether to wait or use on an alternative method of travel.

"It is exactly where these facilities are most useful that the Mayor has decided to remove them!"

There are currently 67 countdown bus stop sites in the Royal Borough of Kingston. Under the Mayor of London's proposals, 35 will be retained and upgraded, 32 will have countdown facilities removed altogether and 32 additional sites will receive a new Countdown system: prioritising areas with the highest levels of bus service and proximity to centres of population.

Cllr Steed continued: "I have been calling on the Mayor to hurry up the upgrade and expansion of countdown services throughout the borough. Residents of Kingston upon Thames are particularly reliant on the London bus network because TfL has continually refused to invest in alternative public transport for the area.

"Not only has Boris point blank refused to expand the number of electronic countdown sites, he is removing them from the areas where they are most useful to passengers. I am extremely disappointed with the Conservative Mayor of London’s proposals, especially in light of the complete lack of communication of his plans with the public.

"I will make my views well known in his consultation with councillors which ends this Friday, 19th February. If his absurd plans do not change, I will launch a campaign to 'keep our countdown!'."

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