Kingston's 2016 summer holiday consultations: Housing & Planning



Planning and housing consultations

Future of housing services

Changes by central Government have meant that the Council Housing service has a reduced budget and therefore needs to look at how services are delivered in the future. The paper presents 2 options:

  1. For the Council to continue to manage the service, but with a change to the staffing structure and maintenance contracts.
  2. For the service to be managed by a different organisation.

Tenants, Leaseholders and residents are asked for their views on both options.

Closing date: Friday 26 August 2016 

Draft Cocks Cresent SPD 

This Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) is a guide for developers to know what the Council may find acceptable in any planning application on the Cocks Crescent site. Whilst it talks about a new town square, re-provision of a leisure centre with swimming pool, affordable housing and retaining open public space, none of it is a requirement of any development. After the consultation, the SPD becomes part of the planning policy, so any changes must be made before it is adopted by the Council in September. We encourage all residents to give their views on what should be guaranteed to be included on any development of this site.

Closing date: Monday 29 August 2016

Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement describes how the Council will consult with residents with regard to planning applications and ensure their views are taken into account in the decision making process. Whilst the recent applications seem to have ridden roughshod over residents’ clear views and there is no guarantee this will not happen in the future, commenting on this consultation is an opportunity to try and ensure that this changes going forward.

Closing date: Monday 29 August 2016

Direction of Travel Consultation

Possibly the most important of the planning consultations as this document lists the areas of opportunity within Kingston Borough boundaries. Areas of Opportunity, once formally adopted by the Mayor of London, are expected to have a greater density of housing. Originally only Kingston Town Centre was listed, but this document also lists Tolworth, Norbiton (including London Road and Cambrigde Road Estate), Berrylands and Hogsmill Valley, New Malden and Chessington – so pretty much all of the borough! It also comments on a review of the Green Belt in the south of the borough.

If adopted in its current format, whilst not a formal planning policy document, it sets out the broad strategic development areas that might be worked up in the emerging Local Plan. In the autumn the Council will begin to consult on “issues and options “ which will inform the Local Plan. This Local Plan, which will be written over the coming couple of years, replaces existing planning policy and becomes the ‘rule book’ for developments in Kingston.

Closing date: Monday 29 August 2016

Draft North Kingston Development Brief

The third planning document to cover North Kingston in as many years. This one is to "shape opportunities for growth and change', as part of the Kingston Futures regeneration. The document calls for 'intensification of land use' for this 'ineffectively used and underperforming part of Kingston Town Centre'. Many residents may have a different view of their community.

Closing date: Monday 5 September 2016

Duty to Cooperate Scoping Statement

Since 2011 Councils have a Duty to Cooperate with neighbouring planning authorities and other partners when producing their Local Plan. This joint working on strategic issues includes homes and jobs needed in the area; provision of retail, leisure and other commercial development; the provision of infrastructure for transport, water, flood risk; the provision of health, security, community and cultural infrastructure; and climate change mitigation and adaptation, conservation and enhancement of the natural and historic environment, including landscape.

Closing date: Monday 5 September 2016


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