Kingston Council agrees a way forward for Seething Wells Filter Beds


Last night, 27th January 2022, Kingston’s Councillors debated the long awaited petition by Seething Wells Action Group. (The petition was started back in 2019, but only handed in last year.)
Councillors agreed unanimously the best way forward to bring the site back to a flourishing nature reserve.

The proposal from Liberal Democrat councillors, Liz Green and Alison Holt, to hold public meetings on how we can all work together to our common aim was accepted by all council members.

“The site is currently an eye-sore, and it is clear the current private owners are intent on destroying all biodiversity in a vain hope that one day they will get planning permission to build on it,” said Councillor Liz Green.

“Whilst it is in private ownership, the Council has very limited powers to force them to protect biodiversity, but we have issued a legal notice to repair the railings and tidy up the site, as well as trying to get changes to the Environment Bill in the House of Lords.”

“We want to work with anybody and everybody that wants the same outcome as us — that the site becomes a haven for nature whilst preserving its heritage,” added Councillor Yogan Yoganathan.
“The working group we have set up this evening will hear from experts and interested residents on the best way to achieve this and provide recommendations back to Council on the best course of action it can take.”

If you would like to be informed about when these meetings are taking place, please email: [email protected]

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