Kingston Hospital staff "fear Brexit"

The impact of Brexit on NHS staff who are EU citizens has led Kingston Hospital to set up a special support group, according to a leaked letter from the Chief Executive to hospital staff.

Kingston Hospital boss, Ann Radmore, writes of “a great deal of anxiety for many of our staff who originate from within the EU and who make up around 20% of our Workforce in key disciplines.”

Kingston Hospital is more reliant on skilled EU workers than most hospitals, but with 10% of registered doctors and 4% of registered nurses coming from other EU countries, health experts expect the whole of the NHS to be hit.

Ed Davey, Kingston’s Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Campaigner, said:

“It’s essential Theresa May and the Conservatives give EU citizens - like those working at Kingston Hospital the right to stay here. They should be reducing their fears to prevent a hammer blow to our NHS, rather than stoking up fear with their hard line stance.

It is increasingly clear hard Brexit will damage the NHS. And that’s a betrayal of many Leave voters who wanted better health services.”

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