Kingston's market leads the way



Kingston’s marketplace has been voted one of the country’s best places to shop, after recent improvements by Kingston Council.

With the removal of traffic, the installation of the popular fountain and a greater variety of stalls and events, Kingston came second in Google’s Streetview 2011 Best Shopping Street in Britain.

Portas High Street Review

Cllrs Chrissie Hitchcock and Marc Woodall with MP Edward Davey to celebrate Kingston’s success“The successful partnership between Kingston Council and Kingston First provides exactly the leadership Mary Portas says is needed for high streets across Britain,” says MP Edward Davey, who worked with Mary Portas on her key review.

Internet “key competition”

Local Lib Dems are involving residents in new plans for the market. Grove councillor Marc Woodall said, “Mary Portas warns about competition from internet shopping, so we must continue to innovate. That’s why we consulted to ask people what they wanted for the future of the Ancient Market area.”

The consultation looked at the Market Place together with the stalls, Market House and nearby areas such as the river, church and Union Street. It considered ways to improve the layout, appearance and access for residents, shoppers and traders and identified inventive ways of using the space for events and cultural activities, especially into the evening.

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