Kingston says "YES" to a final say

‘Brexitometers’ across the Kingston Borough have shown an overwhelming support for a final say on Brexit according to local Liberal Democrats.

The Brexitometers, used to test public opinion, were a huge success with the poll asking local people several questions including how they felt Brexit was going.

The results clearly show that most believed Brexit is going badly and that it will have a disastrous effect on the NHS and jobs.

Local Councillor, Sam Foulder-Hughes, who took part in Surbiton's Brexitomer said, “We wanted to get out there and hear local people’s views on Brexit — we were blown away by the amount of support for a final say on the Brexit deal!”

Liberal Democrats are leading the fight on not just a final say but also to stop Brexit. You can sign our petition ‘EXIT from BREXIT’ today.”  Petition: Exit from Brexit

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