Kingston slams Conservative Mayor’s Crossrail Concession “insult”

The leadership of Kingston Council have reacted with disappointment to the news that Boris Johnson’s much hyped Crossrail levy ‘concession’ will affect just 62 businesses in the borough – and local school budgets will continue to taxed to pay for the North London railway line.

The Council’s Executive Member for Economic Development, Cllr Simon James explained: “The Conservative Mayor of London is proudly publicising the news of his grand generosity of spirit after deciding to tweak the conditions of the London-wide Crossrail tax.

“What an insult! Boris has completely ignored underlying injustice of imposing a flat rate charge on businesses and public services, irrespective of the benefits they will receive from the North London railway line.”

The Mayor boasted in a press release that the “final [Crossrail levy] proposals now set the right balance” after he shifted the rateable business value threshold for the tax from £50,000 to £55,000.

Cllr James continued: “The Mayor’s ‘big’ concession will affect just 62 properties in Kingston – leaving 723 local businesses, 14 schools and 16 other Council services taxed almost £3million for new transport infrastructure which will be of almost no benefit to local people.”

Kingston Lib Dems welcome the good news that a small number of local businesses will now be excluded from the tax – but as we explained to Boris back in October, the cost of this new railway should fall on the companies and people who live near and will use Crossrail, not schools, public services and Council Tax payers many miles away in Kingston.

Under the ‘final proposals’ of the Crossrail Business Rate Supplement, 723 properties in Kingston upon Thames will be levied a total £2,930,372.00; 14 RBK schools will be charged £43,530.00; 16 non-school Council services which are paid for out of Council Tax budgets will be drained of a staggering £69,700.00.

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