Lib Dems force Kingston Council to withdraw illegal & unfair resident plans

key_cambridge-road-estate-2017-decant-policy-kingston-council-defeated-defeat-lib-dems-liberal-democrats.jpgDave Ryder-Mills, Ed Davey, Tricia Bamford and Cllr Bill Brisbane want a better deal for tenants & leaseholders in new regeneration plans.K

Kingston Council’s Conservatives were forced to withdraw plans for local residents during the future Cambridge Estate regeneration, after local Lib Dems showed they were unfair to tenants and leaseholders - and illegal!

The Council’s “decant” plans were torn up after housing solicitor and Lib Dem, Emily Davey, showed they did not guarantee tenants a right to return or appropriate local housing provision.

Norbiton Councillor Bill Brisbane said,“It’s good we exposed these serious mistakes before it was too late. The Council must now consult on a new plan for regenerating the estate that’s fair, legal and reflects the Mayor’s guidelines.”

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