Lib Dem Kingston criticises Transport for London fare hike

The Mayor of London this week admitted that from January 2010, there will above-inflation rises in the cost of bus and Tube fares, along with a 25% increase in the congestion charge.

Commenting on the announcement, Kingston’s Executive Member for Transport, Cllr Bob Steed said: “I find it disgraceful that in a recession the London Mayor would impose an inflation-busting hike on the cost of taking public transport in the capital.

“Boris is showing his true Tory colours in this decision. To pay for the scrapping the Western extension of the congestion charge and Boris’ vanity project on the new route master line of buses, the Mayor is increasing single bus fares on Oyster cards by a staggering 20% - whilst freezing most weekly, monthly and annual Travelcards.

“The new fare scheme will punish regular low-income bus users, adding hundreds of pounds to the annual commuting costs for many Kingston residents, whilst keeping travel costs low for those who can afford to fork out for an annual pass.”

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