Lib Dems take North Kingston school fight to government - sign the petition

The coalition government has agreed extra funding for new schools for local councils with a shortage of school places – including Kingston.

Sign our petition asking for the Secretary of State to give the go-ahead.

Petition Closed - thanks for your support

Following a long campaign by local people a new school site at the North Kingston Centre has been agreed. Residents also agreed that it should be run by a council-led consortium rather than a faith school. All that is needed now is the go-ahead from the Conservative Secretary of State, Michael Gove.

Deputy Leader of the Council, Liz Green has met with Gove on two occasions this year to press home Kingston’s case and the need for the project to urgently get the go-ahead.

She said, “Everything is in place. Local people and the council have all done their bit. All we need now is the go-ahead from Michael Gove, but so far he’s dragging his feet. Please help us to express how urgent it is we get the go-ahead by signing our petition.”

Petition in support of a new secondary school for North Kingston

I call on Education Secretary, Michael Gove, to provide the money North Kingston needs for its new secondary school.

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