Liberal Democrat Kingston Council freezes council tax

Kingston residents will see no increase in the level of Council Tax they pay from April as a result of the budget passed by Lib Dem councillors. 

The latest Lib Dem budget focuses on making savings in back office functions and red tape, while minimising the effect on services local people receive.

Cllr Rolson Davies, the Council’s Executive member for Finance explained, “Sadly, due to the incompetence of the previous Labour government, whoever won the election last year – whatever their political colour – was always going to have to make substantial cuts. And Kingston council is no exception, having to find £30 million of savings over the next four years."

Kingston has prepared itself better than most other councils. By slimming down administration, sharing services with our neighbours and reorganising office space the council has found half the savings needed.

But due to the severity of the budget reduction, the council has been forced to make savings in other areas too. Which is why the council is looking for other organisations to help deliver services, such as adult day care, better and more cheaply.”

The Council’s budget at a glance

  • £420,000 less on senior staf
  • £5 million saving on personnel and payroll over 10 years by sharing with Sutton and Merton
  • 25% cut in budget to Rose Theatre
  • £1 million more for adults with special needs
  • Council tax frozen

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