Liberal Democrats reduce Tory majority with big swing in Tudor ward


Robin Meltzer, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Candidate said:

There was a big swing from the Conservatives to Liberal Democrats in the by-election in Tudor ward on Thursday 16th October.

The Conservatives managed to hang on to the seat that they have held for 24 years, but their majority plummeted from only 5 months ago 916 to 337.

"Our team of volunteers is very grateful to all the residents who supported us. This is a result of which local Lib Dem candidate Marilyn Mason can be proud. It moves the Lib Dems in the right direction in what used to be a very strong Conservative ward.

"Marilyn was a brilliant and authentic candidate who can be heartened by the number of people who came out to support her record of campaigning on the environment.

"Other parties talk about the environment a lot, but it's only the Liberal Democrats in Richmond Park and North Kingston who have a decades-long record of campaigning and action."

The full results were:

Conservative 1062
Marilyn Mason (Liberal Democrat)     725
Labour 314
UKIP 269
Green 219

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