London Liberal Democrats launch Fairer Fares Campaign

From Caroline Pidgeon, Leader of the Liberal Democrats on the London Assembly

If you're a regular user of London's public transport like myself, it's hard to remember a day when everything worked smoothly. The bus you needed turned up as soon as you arrived at the stop; you actually managed to get a seat on the train or the tube; and everything was running to time! Whilst we all feel frustrations every day, we are paying considerably to use our transport network and yet the fares system is basically outdated and designed for 9 to 5 commuters.

Complaining of course is easy. What we also need are solutions. That is why along with Brian Paddick I've drawn up a realistic and costed plan to make our fares fairer:

  • A one-hour bus ticket - It really is ridiculous that you can’t change from bus to bus in a short period of time without being charged several times.
  • Early bird fare discounts - London’s economy is reliant on an underpaid army of workers, from cleaners to security staff, who get to work before many people have even got out of bed. Why should they be paying peak fares?
  • Part time travel cards - More and more people are taking part time jobs, in particular women. Yet most fares are structured around people who work a conventional five day week meaning travel for part time workers costs far more than for those who are full time.

You can read about the plan in more detail in the special article I have written - and when you have, please do also share it with other people you know who regularly use London's public transport.

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