Mayor's position on the Garden Bridge is illogical and indefensible

As the Labour London Mayor reiterated his support for the building of the Garden Bridge, Caroline Pidgeon highlighted the taxpayers' money that is still being sucked into the project.


Caroline told the London SE1 website:

"Sadiq Khan’s position on the Garden Bridge is illogical and indefensible.

"He claims to be committed to not providing any further public funding for the Garden Bridge yet at the same time he is allowing TfL to hand over another £10 million of public money.

"Most significantly he still remains committed to providing a permanent guarantee for the maintenance and operation of the Garden Bridge.

"I just hope that soon the Mayor finally understands that the only absolute way to ensure that future generations of taxpayers do not have to pick up the annual maintenance and operation bill for the Garden Bridge is by making a decision to not provide a taxpayer funded guarantee."

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